Max Chandler grew up on farms in southern Missouri; studied Math at MIT, Chinese at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, and Art in Taiwan through the Foreign Student Center at Taiwan Normal University. He was an student of internationally known artist Chen Ting-shih.

Max worked in general industry while a student and in Silicon Valley after returning from overseas. He likes to say you probably have products based on patents he contributed to in your house and computer now. (Milk cartons and game engine software are in most homes in the USA). Max was a contributor to some SimCity games and The Sims.

His parents say he started drawing about the same time he started walking. Art has been a constant activity ever since. In the late 1990's he began to combine his technology interest with his art interest by making robot generated art. He began exhibiting in 2004 and has exhibited continously ever since. He has been in shows in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Boston, New York,Phoenix, Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, and many others.
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